Vastu shastra (also called Vaastu Shastra) is an ancient science strictly believed by most of Indians. Some studies simply say it as the science of architecture. It mostly relates to positive and negative energies that live with in and around us in our home or working place. We know that there are four directions – East, West, North and South and besides these, there are four more. Vastu Shastra says many interesting things about the living things and non-living things that are around us. It says that different Gods rule different places in house. For example, we prefer to place kitchen in South-east direction. This is because; it is the place of Agni.

vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra is one of the scientific methods followed to find various solutions to health, wealth and other problems in life by changing the architecture of our house. The major part of our lives, we spend it in our home. Our house is the most lovable thing besides other holiday places. We spent all our earnings, to build it the best. House may be built with modern and latest technology designs, but it only becomes a sweet home only if you follow some simple rules of vastu while constructing it. Some of the issues that are mostly concerned are pre-construction, house main entrance, stair case location, master bed room, kitchen location, and toilet location. Also, sometimes neglecting few minor issues may unknowingly lead to many problems in life, sometimes to death of head of the family. To make our well being, much better Vaastu shastra is followed. It combines all the directions and the five elements of nature (water, air, fire, sky and earth) with the men and material.

Every problem has an alternative solution in Vastu.  The rules of vastu are applied for any place – whether it is a house or a work place or an organization for our well being.

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