Geopathic Stress is the study that deals with negative energies in your place. There are many reasons for geopathic stress where Underground cracks, contaminated water flow, mineral deposits, underground cavities are some. The surface of the earth is not always even. It has cracks; bends, splits, ruptures and many more. These places generally emit bad electromagnetic radiations. The intensity of these negative energies increases as these cracks and splits increase. It effects badly on the living beings in and around that place. It also affects their health and wealth. This has various types of effects on various bodies.


If a house or an organisation is built in geopathic lines passing place it may show sever effects on the health of the owner and his family members. Though the house or building is built according to perfect vaastu, any small changes made in the place unknowingly may affect the geopathic stress points of your house. This may not show the immediate impact on you. But these results slowly lead to ill health, financial problems, sleeplessness, and miscarriages for pregnant women, cancer and many more.

If a road is affected with geopathical stress, it may lead to serious road accidents. This is because, the negative radiations show bad impact on the brain and its functioning.

If an agricultural land is affected with geopathic stress, it kills the life of the trees and gives no yield.

The results can be minimized using geopathic rods. Using cosmic E-scanner the geopathic rays are detected and rods are arranged to neutralise the effects.

Geopathic stress consultant

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